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Things to Keep in Mind During the Session...

Your portrait session is a chance for you to relax and have some fun with your family. Take the time we have together to really engage and play with each other. You may not feel like you are “doing it right” or posing enough but some of my most beautiful and authentic images come from the moments that families have forgotten about me and my camera and have been caught up in a moment between themselves. I will always guide and direct everyone if and when needed so just be yourself.

I recommend leaving the rules behind for the duration of our session (as long as there is no danger to you or your children) I am alright with your children running around and me having to chase them, I’m ok with them getting loud, boisterous and silly. I’m even ok if your children won’t talk to me straight away, it takes some a little while to warm up and this is perfectly alright. I am a strange new person with a big camera in their face which can be intimidating and scary for some children. There is no need to try and tell them they have to talk to me because this almost always ends in tears which is no good for anyone. I have my ways and they will warm up on their own I promise.

I believe that the best images come from everyone having a little freedom to just be who ever and what ever they are feeling on the day. This just makes it easier and more enjoable for everyone. PLEASE Mums and Dads NO “Say Cheese”!!! The age old “Say Cheese” can make your little one feel like they are working and often results in very forced smiles (or often no smiles). I prefer a more natural approach engaging with the child on their level. This allows the child to be more relaxed and forget about the camera resulting in more natural looking images and big, beautiful, real smiles.

As my sessions are on location and because of the images I like to create our sessions can and will get a little cross country. We will end up sitting on the ground in long grass or under trees. There is a good chance you may get a little bit dirty. It is all in the name of beautiful artistic images of your family and I promise I will be there down on the ground with you every step of the way. Also keep this in mind during winter when the ground can be a bit muddy, gumboots are always welcome!

Other than that I am pretty relaxed. There aren’t too many things I can’t and haven’t dealt with on a session and I truly have all the patience in the world for children. So come along, relax and enjoy yourself, let your children be themselves and this will be easier than you might think.

What to wear...

There are no right or wrong outfits for your photo session but I believe that you feeling comfortable is the most important thing when considering what to wear. It can be very noticeable in your images if someone isn't comfortable in their outfit.

If you’re thinking something special then dress shirts and pants or pretty dresses work well. If your thinking something fun and casual bright colours always make beautiful images. I also love texture in outfits as it brings another dimension to your images without having to add another colour. 

Remember the accessories! Hats, scarves, shoes (or no shoes!), headbands, umbrellas or costume jewellery is always fun! I recommend layering your outfits so that we can easily change the look of the images without having to do a complete outfit change. This is important when working on location where outfit changes can be hard. It also helps to keep your child focused and engaged with the session because as we all know getting dressed and undressed is not always the easiest or most fun thing for a child to do.

Try to embrace the seasons. Winter photographs all rugged up in jackets, gumboots, scarves and beanies can make the most amazing images! If you're having a Spring or Summer session think shorts, summer dresses & sun hats. If you're having a beach session then maybe pop in the kids bathers and beach towels! 

Colour, colour, colour... what to choose? When trying to co-ordinate colours choose a couple of complimentary colours and then work within the tones of those colours. Do try to avoid large logos as these can date your images very quickly. If you're not sure about what colours to wear I recommend considering where you will be displaying the images in your home and choose colours that will compliment that space.

With young children don’t forget their best friends! The toys they treasure now can make beautiful editions to their images. Keep this to their absolute favourite, the one they can’t live without that you will be able to look back on in ten years time and have stories to remind them of.

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