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Things to Keep in Mind During the Session...

Your In Your World session is about celebrating the beautiful in your ordinary, about capturing life as it really is, about the everyday moments that you will remember fondly in years to come. As you may have noticed I am a big believer in professional family portraits but the truth is the memories that stick with us are the ones that happen in our homes when we are doing the things we love with those we love. The long walks down the hallway with your new baby or breast feeding on the couch with the blanket grandma gave you. Baking cupcakes with little ones licking the bowl or sitting in the sun in your backyard while your kids run under the sprinkler. Going to the place you go as a family every weekend to eat your favourite foods or do your favourite activity.

Its about life. Exactly as it happens naturally. The way it unfolds in your world. 

These sessions are essentially a documentary style session with the backdrop being the very places you live your life.

Your portrait session is a chance for you to relax and have some fun with your family. Take the time we have together to really engage and play with each other. You may not feel like you are “doing it right” but some of my most beautiful and authentic images come from the moments that families have forgotten about me and my camera and have been caught up in a moment between themselves. These sessions in particular are not about posing, they are about me documenting you and your family as you are. I will always guide and direct everyone if and when needed so just be yourself.

I recommend leaving the rules behind for the duration of our session (as long as there is no danger to you or your children) I am alright with your children running around and me having to chase them, I’m ok with them getting loud, boisterous and silly. I’m even ok if your children won’t talk to me straight away, it takes some a little while to warm up and this is perfectly alright. I am a strange new person with a big camera in their face which can be intimidating and scary for some children. There is no need to try and tell them they have to talk to me because this almost always ends in tears which is no good for anyone. I have my ways and they will warm up on their own I promise.

I believe that the best images come from everyone having a little freedom to just be who ever and what ever they are feeling on the day. This just makes it easier and more enjoyable for everyone. PLEASE Mums and Dads NO “Say Cheese”!!! The age old “Say Cheese” or telling your children to look at the camera and smile can make your little one feel like they are working and often results in very forced smiles (or often no smiles). I prefer a more natural approach engaging with the child on their level. This allows the child to be more relaxed and forget about the camera resulting in more natural looking images and big, beautiful, real smiles.

As these sessions are held in your home or in your favourite places hopefully everyone will feel at ease. Your children and you are free to do and be exactly who you are.

Other than that I am pretty relaxed. There aren’t too many things I can’t and haven’t dealt with on a session and I truly have all the patience in the world for children. So relax and enjoy yourself, let your children be themselves and this will be easier than you might think.

What to wear...

There are no right or wrong outfits for your portrait session but I believe that you feeling comfortable is the most important thing when considering what to wear. It can be very noticeable in your images if someone isn't comfortable in their outfit. Specifically with an In Your World session it's important to be yourselves and allow your outfits to reflect the activity we have chosen to photograph.

Colour, colour, colour... what to choose? When trying to co-ordinate colours choose a couple of complimentary colours and then work within the tones of those colours. Do try to avoid large logos as these can date your images very quickly. My exception to this suggestion for In Your World sessions are if your little one has a favourite outfit that they refuse to take off and they literally wash and wear it over and over again. This is part of who they are right now, part of their story and you may wish to capture that. If you're not sure about what colours to wear I recommend considering where you will be displaying the images in your home and choose colours that will compliment that space. I also love texture in outfits as it brings another dimension to your images without having to add another colour. 

Newborn sessions...

There are a few things I need you to know about our session if it includes a newborn. Your baby will cry at some point, this is more than ok. Please don't get stressed if your baby doesn't settle straight away, I have been around my fair share of babies and I have all the patience in the world for them and all the noise those tiny little lungs can make. Babies cry sometimes and its ok. You can take your time to settle them, cuddle them, feed them, love them. At the end of the day this is what our session is really about. The honest moments, that sometimes include a little or a lot of crying and always include a lot of love.

Your baby will need to be fed at some point during our session. As a mother myself I am completely comfortable with however you have chosen to approach feeding your baby. Please don't feel you have to breast feed for your photos if you have chosen to bottle feed, please don't bottle feed your baby if you have chosen to breast feed just because I am there. If you are breast feeding the choice will be yours if you would like this special time between you and your baby photographed or if you prefer to keep it private. You will be asked if you are happy for any breast feeding images to be used as part of your sneak peek, it is ok to say no. There are a lot of differing opinions and feelings about breast feeding and I will be 100% comfortable with what you have chosen for your family.

Mostly I love babies. I love everything about these beautiful little creatures and I love seeing how much their parents love them.

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