A community where a deeper connection and the humble family happy snap is celebrated. Where we focus on learning to see your everyday through fresh eyes and change your thinking about how and why you click the shutter. Its not about the camera, its about your story and where your love lives. 

The Connected Community is a place to learn to love our everyday stories and document them in humble family happy snaps. It's about simple ways to see and think about your world. Ways to focus on more of the things that make your heart happy. Anchoring into the spaces between. Consciously creating deeper connections.  Becoming the storyteller & the memory keeper for your unique everyday life.

Your happy snaps are the beginning and the outcome of creating a happy heart.

What on earth is Connected - happy hearts & happy snaps ❤️➕📷 all about?
• membership based community 
• weekly focuses to help inspire your happy snaps
• a fresh new way to see your everyday life
• simple ways to take better more meaningful family happy snaps
• focus on creating and strengthening the connections in your life
• easy to access content in a private Facebook group

Are you ready to take care of your memories, tell your stories and deepen the connections that matter to you?

$36 for 3 months. Cancel anytime, but I know you'll want to stay!

See you on the inside lovely!