So you're ready to tell your story...

Lets make sure were going to be a good creative team 

Are we a good fit? You tell me...

YES! If you....

- want images that show the real you

- want a relaxed session that reflects what you actually do in the places you actually do it

- like a laugh and are happy to have a little fun and see where the day takes us

NO... If you....

- want cosmetically retouched images. you're already gorgeous and this is a moral thing for me.

- want studio style/corporate highly posed images

- looking "perfect" is more important than embracing the real beautiful you

"Working with Emma was fantastic. She just gets it. Bringing a vision to life is always tricky but Emma was on the same page as me and made everything simple. Her down to earth approach meant that everyone felt comfortable, instructions were easy to follow  (because it's always easier when you're told what to do) and most importantly the photos looked natural and fun. She really understood the vibe of our brand.  I've had so many compliments on our photos and the videos. We are so happy!

This is my second time working with Emma and there will definitely be a third. Thanks Emma!"

- Jackie Tann |

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