Her Stories in Motion

Videos inspire your clients to find out more... 

Are you inspiring your tribe to work with you?

Videos have the power to inspire your audience, they should be an invitation to learn more about you, to read your sales page, to buy your stuff.

They should be concise and emotive, drawing your audience in and leaving them wanting more.

I create films using inspiring real life imagery of you with your words in voice over to get your message across to the people who need to hear it.

Ready to invite your tribe into your world?

Beautiful films to inspire your clients to learn more, buy more, connect more.

Because I want to ensure you get exactly what you want out of this project & because there are only 1-2 sessions available each month, there is an application form to complete before you can book. This is to make sure that my style and I am the right fit for YOU and the story you are telling.

Creative alignment makes everyone happy doesn't it?

So you think I am the right person to help tell your story? Great now it's time to check out the collections and fill out your application form. Yay! I will personally read & respond to all applications within about 48 hours. Then if its a good fit we can get on with the fun stuff!

  • Stories in Motion


    1/2 day of shooting (up to 4hrs) @ 1-3 locations of your choice 

    1 film up to 3 minutes long



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